Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Yusof Ishak Secondary School was established in 1965 as Jubilee Integrated Secondary School. It was an integrated school offering secondary education to an enrolment of 984 pupils and 37 teachers of two streams, in English and Malay.
On 29 July 1966, then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew declared open Yusof Ishak Secondary School (YISS) at Jubilee Road. We are the only school to be named after a President of our Republic.
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Hillgrove Secondary School Alumni

Hillgrove recognizes the vital role of our partners to provide a holistic educational experience for our students. We have a Parents Alumni Link (PAL) which forms a close relationship with our parents through the Hillgrove Alumni (HGA)
Formed in 2009, the HGA is a vital link for the school to reach out to graduate pupils to support school programmes. The Alumni is formed by Hillgrove graduates. Members of the alumni are role models for the pupils. They continue their passion for the school through their active participation in relief teaching and CCA. The Friends of Hillgrove (Alumni) Award serves to recognise our alumni members’ value added contributions that have a positive impact on the school.

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  • Does not have strong group. School is relatively new.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni

About Swiss Alumni

Why Join the Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni?

The Swiss Cottage Alumni is formed to facilitate the maintenance of ties between the alumni and Swiss Cottage Secondary School.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni members will participate in a wide variety of activities that promote and build support for their alma mater. These activities include social events, talks and scholarship funding for the school.

The Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni helps you to remain a part of Swiss Cottage Secondary School no matter how long you’ve been away or how far you’ve traveled. The Swiss Cottage Secondary School Alumni will strengthen the school and its alumni by promoting loyalty, friendship and commitment.


The Swiss Cottage Alumni network lets you stay in touch with your classmates or schoolmates. If you’re looking for someone from who was from Swiss Cottage Secondary, you might find them here. You can also register so other classmates or schoolmates can find you.

Updates on School Activities

The Swiss Cottage Alumni will also receive e-newsletter updates from the school every two months about the latest happenings of the school. You will always be kept abreast of what is going on in the school and how you can contribute to the school.

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Dunearn Secondary School Alumni

Dunearn Secondary School was established in 1962 as Dunearn Government Chinese Middle School. In 1969, it amalgamated with Dunearn Vocational School to become Dunearn Secondary School. The Chinese stream was phased out in 1986.

A glimpse of the “life and times” in the former school can be seen in the Dunearn Secondary 10th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine 1969 -1979.

The school provides a holistic education for all its pupils. We believe that all pupils have the potential to learn and that, through determination and discipline, they will achieve optimum growth, in a challenging, supportive and caring environment.  The school received Academic Value-Added Award (Bronze) for the Express stream in 2007 and the Normal (Academic) stream in 2009. In addition, the school received the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups in 2009 and 2010.

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Alumni was divided as senior and junior groups of members





Bukit Batok Secondary School Alumni

Bukit Batok Secondary School Alumni was setup and was at it’s 5th Alumni committee

B.B.S.S alumni is registered with the Ministry Of Home Affairs (Ref: T09SS0012F)
They welcome all teachers, students, ex-staffs and ex-students to join our events and activities.
This group has a strong team of 2482 members, and 6 admin
Majority is malay community

Majulah Singapura! Happy Birthday Singapore SG50!


NDP 2015
NDP 2015 Source: here

On this special day, 9 August 2015. Singapore is 50 years from independence.

We would like to wish Singapore a Happy SG50 Birthday, and prosperous, healthy nation for years to come.

And foremost, thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Father of nation, for everything that was done to build this nation.

Singapore Alumni will strive for as one of the main platform for Singaporeans to get united.

St Anthony’s Primary School Alumni

The school is initiating the formation our very own Anthonian Alumni. Anthonians of all ages from St Anthony’s Boys’ School and St Anthony’s Primary School are invited and welcomed to be part of the Alumni to continue to be connected to that special time in our lives spent in St Anthony’s.
Being part of the offical alumni will allow you to reunite, catch up and network with old friends and teachers, take part in activities and school facilities.


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Dazhong Primary School Alumni


Dazhong Primary School was formerly known as Tai Cheong Public School named after its founder, Mr Chew Tai Cheong. It was started by a group of prominent public-spirited villagers, led by Mr Chew, in 1938 at Track 5 Chua Chu Kang Road to provide education to the children in the village. It then had only one class of a mere 45 pupils.
Mr Chai Chong Yii officially declared the school open when it moved to its new building at Track 7 Chua Chu Kang in 1973. With its conversion from a Chinese village school to a government school on 1 April 1984, it was subsequently re-sited at 35 Bukit Batok Street 31 on 15 March 1986. It was officially declared open again by Mr Chai Chong Yii, then Member of Parliament for Bukit Batok, on 8 July 1988. The school had an enrolment of 1328 pupils in 37 classes functioning in two sessions at that time. The school was converted to a single-session school in 2003.
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LianHua Primary School Alumni

Brief History
Lianhua Primary School started as a small village school in January 1946 with a student population of just 200 pupils in borrowed premises in the Bukit Timah area. At that time, it was known as Lian Wah Public School. The school then catered for pupils, who, due to the Second World War, did not have the opportunity to attend school.
In the years that followed, the board of directors raised funds and purchased a piece of land at Duchess Road where a permanent building for the school was constructed. The first Principal served the school for 19 years until 1964 after which Mr. Ding Cha Yee took over. During Mr. Ding’s tenure, the school made significant and tremendous progress both academically and in extra-curricular activities. It became one of the premier school in the Bukit Timah area.
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